My bees

My name is Luigi Vettori and I am a breeder of bees. It sounds strange: Indeed, you cannot breed bees in the usual sense because they are considered wild animals. Let’s say that I “look after the bees“.

Momentarily I possess about 170 beehives, each with circa 70.000 bees. The better part of them stays the whole year in the Gresta Valley, the “organic vegetable garden“ of the Trentino, the other part I bring to South Tyrol (Termeno and Lake of Caldaro) during the florescence of the apple trees and dandelions.


My honey is influenced by the mountainous landscape of my home and the Mediterranean climate of the Garda Lake. Therefore, my honey has the flavoursome aroma of the alpine meadows, sweet summer and coniferous forests. This origin you can also see in the dark colour, typical for mountain honeys.

I bring my beehives up until 1300 meters above sea level to the mountain pastures of the Monte Stivo that towers over the Gresta Valley. Here a big parto of the cows, goats and horses of the local farmers graze during the summer.