About me

My name is Luigi Vettori and I live in the small mountain village Manzano, in the commune of Mori in the north of the Garda Lake. My home, the Gresta Valley, is famous for being the “organic vegetable garden“ of the Trentino.


My bees are my passion: In 2014, I discovered the beekeeping. For 2 years, I gained experience in Australia, far away from home, and returned finally to Italy in order to become self-employed.

In 2019, I built my own laboratory on the ground floor of my house, where, since then, I extract, elaborate and fill my honey in glasses.


The production of honey is a dream come true for me: In the loneliness of the mountains and the forests I find the calm I need and can contribute to the preservation of nature at the same time. Even if they are so small, bees are a building block for the consistency of our fauna.


Besides the beekeeping, I keep myself busy with working as a carpenter and doing furniture and beehives in the old garage of my grandfather’s. During the summer, I cultivate the vegetable garden behind my house and prepare the firewood for the winter – during the cold season we still heat with the oven.


I live together with my wife and son, my father and two dogs in a big, old house that belonged to my family for generations.


If you visit the Garda Lake, come around by my house and taste the different types of honey that I produce with my bees by bringing them to different places, so they can use different flowers. You can also find my products in some local shops.